About Us

We aim to make your camp experience one to remember

AGH Camps is a family owned and operated business.  With school age children of our own we want to provide a safe environment for children to come and experience the great outdoors.  The past few years have shown us, how important it is to get outside, challenge yourself and experience life.  Camps are the ultimate opportunity to get active and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Brad has over 25yrs experience in running school camps, from his early days of working with the Leyland Brothers as an instructor supporting thousands of school children through activities.  To more recently when he has been running and managing multiple campsites.  The programs Brad has developed over the years, have allowed the students to develop their skills and expand their comfort zones, all in a fun and adventurous environment.

Jenny has worked in the corporate world in HR & Recruitment.  Since having their family, Jenny has worked in Community Sport, supporting clubs in providing a great experience for their members.   This gives a holistic approach to managing the Staff, Business and ensuring a safe and enjoyable workplace for everyone.

Brad and Jenny have several ideas to improve the already successful camp programs and facilities, into a place that everyone will want to return to.  We can’t wait to have you join us.