High School Programs

Year 7 Orientation

Stepping into Year 7 can be a daunting experience for any student, this is why we have carefully developed our Year 7 Orientation programs. Camps are a wonderful setting to develop new friendships, to foster positive Teacher/Student relations and build some group cohesion.

Year 7 Peer Support

As a compliment to an ‘in school program’ our Peer Support Camps offer leaders the opportunity to establish rapport with their groups and to develop and implement leadership skills. Year 7 students are able to develop friendships, group cohesion, enhance their self esteem and identify with their Peer Support Leaders and Peer Group. The camp also fosters positive Teacher/Student relations in a fun and exciting setting.

Year 8-10 Getaways

Have your Year 10 students worked hard this year? Do they need a little break? Maybe just a change of scenery. Our campsite provides the perfect backdrop for a retreat. Combine this camp with another syllabus inclusion and jump on the bus.

Year 10 Retreats

These programs are designed as follow-on programs, and build on many of the skills that students have previously encountered. Students are offered a wide range of challenging and unique activities aimed at enhancing the personal and technical skills associated with Outdoor Education. A valuable and enjoyable experience for students and teachers.

High School Syllabus Inclusions

Life Ready

We are one of the largest private providers of Life Ready programs for NSW State High Schools. Our program and the associated materials has been developed by educational professionals who also ensure that it is appropriately delivered during your camp.

Schools can elect to have a general overview of of the syllabus through 2 x 2 hour sessions, elect to focus on a particular are or leave out areas already covered at school.

Personal Development / Health / Physical Education (PD/H/PE)

Utilising the skills of our own PD/H/PE teachers we have developed programs that will compliment your school’s program. These programs can incorporate varying degrees of our exciting Outdoor Education activities, and our custom designed workshops, according to your school’s needs.


Our anti-bullying program will reflect on the relationship between the activities at camp and teamwork and co-operation as part of the strategy. Students are asked to complete questions that are a broad overview of bullying situations. Our Anti-Bullying programs can either incorporate workshops or simply debriefing after activity sessions.